Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Needs a lot of work but that is why its a concept sketch just trying to get the ideas out.

Monday, October 22, 2012

quick Landscape digital painting

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tid bits of inspiration entry A-0002

My master critique professor suggested I watch this documentary on Benazir Bhutto and read some Plato. Also Madelynne suggested I watch game of thrones so I added it to my list of inspirational things to watch or read. Season 1 Game of Thrones here I come.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The first map of my fictional planet

These are a couple of iPhone shots of a map I made.

My workspaces

These are shots of two of the three spaces that I work on my art.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tid bits of inspiration entry A-0001

While perusing a stack of Gameinformer magazines which i usually just toss out after I check the progress on games I want to play. I've recently have taken to task reading them, before they hit the recycle bin. Interested in how others develop their work and what approaches they take. A project by Developer Giant Sparrow did something that caught my eye. I have been saying to myself that
"I want exploration and immersion to be a core part of my project."
How I will do that in an engaging way? I have not come up with that answer yet. The team at Giant Sparrow attacked this problem in a totally awesome way. In their game The Unfinished Swan the player is presented with a white void. The player then proceeds to throw paint balls into this white space revealing the environment of the game. I thought that was damn fine way to approach revealing a world, to create an unique user experience I cant wait to see more of this. It really inspired me to look at my problems of developing my experience in a different way.

Talking about development process.

The process I go through when developing a IP (Intelectual Property) was best summed up by a game developer. Robert Bowling of Robotoki he explained that the process he used to design the game Human Element was "The whole universe first, experience second, and gameplay mechanics last," that excerpt from Gameinformer Issue 231. Mirrors my development process for my MFA Project. I'm spending this initial time being a creator and enjoying the process of creating my universe. Once I have created a plausible universe. I can start to work on the rich experience that I want to share with my end users. Some of the questions that will help me develop this experience, will come from my Master critique class and meetings with my advisors. I have and will spend copious amounts of time reading and viewing shows for inspiration. Now a new aspect of this process is writing. I haven't spent as much time laboring over the information I absorb in this process. Now I will attempt to refine and write out, the small jumps and great leaps I take to develop an idea. Like many other creators I'm not new to the process of writing. But the ad hoc process of writing in blog and short form thoughts is new. I know that a lot of what will be presented in this blog will be raw and unedited. This will be an ongoing process and you all are invited for the ride. Buckle up and wear a helmet its gonna be a bumpy ride.

Picking up where I left off...

As anyone who knows me I'm probably the worst blogger there is. I have on several occasions tried to keep up with blogging. Its like any other communication tool I only use it as necessary. Now I REALLY HAVE TO STEP UP MY GAME. And probably my typing skills. I guess through out this day I will attempt to keep the world abreast of my developments and chronicle it all here. Another thing I have to do is check and see how much has Google improved its blogger interface. I was won over by Tumblr but NJCU (New Jersey City University) blocks images from Tumblr. How as a visual artist am I supposed to promote my work when one of my social networking tools is hobbled by the institution I attend. I guess I just have to work around it as I am now.